Jay Leno takes a ride in the Original Venice Crew’s continuation Shelby GT350



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November 15, 2019 12:00 PM

Jay Leno takes a ride in the Original Venice Crew’s continuation Shelby GT350

This ‘classic’ Shelby sounds and performs better than new.

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The Original Venice Crew stopped by Jay Leno’s Garage and brought its “new” Shelby GT350 Competition Mustang. OVC CEO Jim Marietta and fabricator Ted Sutton, along with Pete Brock, decided a few years ago to re-create the GT350, but to also do some of the things they couldn’t do back then.
From our intro piece on the car: “The OVC guys start with original 1965 K-Code Mustang Fastbacks and build them into the same spec as the original Shelby GT350s. One of the biggest upgrades is incorporating Brock’s original design for the front fascia. It offers better cooling of the engine compartment and brakes, but it didn’t make the cut the first time around. The rear quarter glass is also Brock’s design; it offers improved airflow through the cabin. The rear brakes get their own cooling ducts. And the rear Plexiglas is now as Brock envisioned it, too.”
Some things stay the same, namely the four-speed manual and 289-cubic-inch V8. The OVC plans to create 36 cars, which mirrors the original amount made.
Skip to about 20 minutes if you want to see Jay drive the thing.

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