Can you use a Ford Raptor to charge a Tesla Model 3? Yes. Should you? As it turns out, also yes.



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November 19, 2019 11:00 AM

Can you use a Ford Raptor to charge a Tesla Model 3? Yes. Should you? As it turns out, also yes.

Engineering Explained solves a problem and finds a unique way to make the Raptor more efficient.

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Engineering Explained sees if you can charge a Tesla Model 3 by towing it and then sees if that makes sense to ever do.

Properly charging a battery-electric vehicle isn’t always possible: Sometimes you’re in a remote city in the Midwest, other times you’re on a racetrack in Canada and need some extra juice to finish your lap. For at least one of those scenarios, Jason Fenske over at Engineering Explained has a solution: Tow your Tesla and use the energy recovery system to charge the car.
Fenske joined up with The Straight Pipes, a fellow YouTube channel, to see how much energy a Tesla Model 3 would generate during the towing process. The gang also sees how efficient the Tesla Model 3 and the Ford Raptor are, respectively, while driving around the track without any towing shenanigans.

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As you might expect, the Tesla Model 3’s energy recovery system is efficient—enough so to turn one lap of being towed by the Ford F-150 Raptor into approximately a lap of recycled power. This ultimately isn’t the most efficient way to charge your Tesla, and might not be the best way to charge it long term. However, there is an interesting twist involving the Raptor’s efficiency.
As it turns out, according to Fenske’s calculations, it’s actually more efficient for the Raptor to tow the Model 3 around the track, versus driving the Ford around without pulling the electric sedan along. According to the numbers, the efficiency lost from towing is more than made up for by the mileage gained charging the more-efficient Tesla.
If you want to see how this all shook out, and the physical laws behind Fenske’s calculations, you can check them out in the video above. Flat-tow your Model 3 behind a motorhome: You may never have to plug it in again!*
*Note: We don’t know if flat-towing would destroy a Model 3, nor do we know how Tesla feels about any of this. Try it at your own risk.

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